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Gothenburg Awarded Sustainable Urban Planning Prize In China

Gothenburg awarded sustainable urban planning prize in China

A quiet, emissions-free bus named ElectriCity, the result of a partnership between industry, academia and the municipality, has been recognized in an international competition in China in the category of sustainable transport systems and mobility.

The 2016 Euro-China Green & Smart City Awards (CINEV) were held on 9–11 December in Shenzhen. Prizes were awarded to cities that had made particular strides toward sustainability in areas such as urban planning, the connected city and mobility. The jury was composed of both Chinese and European members. The competition seeks to promote sustainable urban development, according to the Business Region Göteborg website.

Business Region Göteborg represented Gothenburg in China and accepted the award on behalf of the City. Two members of the ElectriCity partnership said:

“This prize is further confirmation that Gothenburg’s industry excels in sustainable mobility. Gothenburg already welcomes thousands of international delegates each year who come to see how we work with electromobility. The event in Shenzhen will provide the opportunity to meet representatives from 60 Chinese and 25 European cities. Moreover, some 200 international investors will be in attendance, as well as the international media. I believe we can expect even more delegations, which provide our regional trade and industry with business opportunities.”

Per Österström, Area Manager Transport and Automotive Industry, Business Region Göteborg, City Of Gothenburg.

“The transformation of the transport sector is a prerequisite if we are to successfully create a sustainable society and future cities. And sustainable public transport is an important piece of the puzzle. The ElectriCity project and its number 55 electric bus provide an excellent example of a partnership between industry, academia and government to achieve just that. It’s great that this is gaining international attention.”

Niklas Gustafsson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Volvo Group.

Read more: Business Region Göteborg’s website.

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