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How’s Your TQ?

How’s your TQ?

Many people are irritated by other road users. Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration is now making a great effort to get more residents to show TQ – traffic intelligence.

What is your TQ score? You can test yourself here.

“By building infrastructure which makes life easier for road users to interact with each other, Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration can do a lot – but we can’t do everything You can show TQ by simply making eye contact with a pedestrian when you’re waiting in your car at a crossing,” says Eva Eriksson, Marketing Coordinator at Urban Transport Administration.

Urban Transport has also released three films on the theme of Traffic Intelligence, where three “traffic types” are presented in a playful way, with comments by Gothenburg personalities Glenn Hysén and Torbjörn Nilsson, Studio TQ. You can find the films here.



A more pleasant atmosphere on the roads starts with you and me!

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