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It’s The Cycle Season Again – And Here Are This Year’s Developments

It’s the cycle season again – and here are this year’s developments


Dozens of new or improved cycle ways, hundreds of new spaces for bikes and a major investment in traffic safety in the form of different sorts of crossings and junctions. The cycling season is upon us and Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration is presenting new measures from its action plan for cycles, 2016.

 ”We are going to develop more new features in our Cykelstaden (a City for Cyclists) app in order to make cycling in our city easier. Among other things, it’s going to be easy to see where there there are traffic hold-ups,” says Malin Mansson, Cycle Strategist at Gothenburg’s Urban Transport Administration.

During the year the city will develop a regulatory framework for how cycle traffic shall function near construction sites as well as guidelines for cycle crossings and junctions, in accordance with new national rules.

” The new cycle crossings will increase road safety and clarify which rules apply, while at the same time cyclists will be able to get around more easily, ” says Malin Mansson.

More Styr & Ställ bike hire stations

The City will also continue to build and expand Styr & Ställ bike-hire stations around the city. The concept has steadily grown in popularity over the years and a new station is planned at Stenpiren. At the same time the existing cycle stations will be extended, with approximately 300 new spaces.

As more and more Gothenburg residents take to their bikes, a number of measures have been taken to support them. A cycle parking tower with space for 150 bikes will be built at Drottningtorget, while around 400 ordinary cycle parking spaces are also planned) There will also be new cycle parks at ten schools in the city and at several bus stops.

Bike-friendly workplaces receive encouragement

The Bike-friendly Workplace award scheme will run this year too. The award scheme encourages workplaces to make it easier for employees to take their bikes to work, and is a part of Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration’s efforts to make Gothenburg a great place to cycle. It is the fourth consecutive year that the Bike-friendly Workplace awards have been organized.


Developments in 2016

Construction/quality improvement of cycle ways, in line with the new Cycle Programme:

  • Fräntorp/Östra Torpavägen: New cycle way through the park between Östra Torpavägen and Fräntorps Folkets Hus.
  • Redbergsvägen, the Danska Vägen-Kobbarnas väg section: Extending commuter cycle network by construction of one and two-way cycle ways and bicycle-speed streets.
  • Olskroken: Commuter cycle way separated from pedestrians along Martin Anderssons gata/E20 and linked to Redbergsvägen.
  • Delsjövägen: Upgrading existing cycle way to commuter network standard.
  • Munkebäcksgatan, stretch from Virginsgatan to Bromeliusgatan: Upgrading existing cycle way to commuter network standard.
  • Härlandavägen/Torpagatan, stretch from Örngatan to Munkebäcksgatan: Upgrading existing cycle way to commuter network standard.
  • Torpagatan, section from Munkebäcksgatan to Rosendalsgatan: Upgrading the north cycle lane to commuter network standard. Improvements too to the southern cycle lane.
  • Toredalsgatan, section from Hjalmar Brantingsgatan to Toleredsgatan: Construction of extended one-way cycle lanes.
  • Otto Elanders gata/Jolengatan: Joint Gothenburg and Mölndal project to create a way for cyclists and pedestrians across municipal boundaries.


Lighting for cycle ways:

  • Gråbovägen between Gunnilse Granväg and Björsared and a section along the E20 between Storkgatan och Martin Anderssons gata.


Measures to increase road safety:

  • Domarringsgatan/Kongahällavägen: Elevated crossing for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Plejadgatan/Ceresgatan: Elevated crossing for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Godhemsgatan, section from Ekedalsgatan to Slottsskogsgatan: Construction of a short one-way cycle path.
  • Gustaf Larsson väg (Volvo) – upgraded crossing for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Sommarvädersgatan, south section: Construction of three elevated crossings for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Gamla Ceresgatan: The construction of a new link to Ceresgatan’s cycle way.
  • Minelundsgatan/Generatorsgatan (Hornbach): Construction of raised crossing for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Långströmsgatan/Prosten Ahlbergs gata: The construction of a new cycle crossing.
  • Lindholmsallén: Re-construction of cycle way for better flow of cycle traffic by the steps.
  • Smörgatan, north-east section: Construction of a speed bump where a cycle route merges with other traffic.
  • Tolvskillingsgatan at Högsbohöjds junction: The construction of two speed bumps where a cycle route merges with other traffic.


Read more about the City of Gothenburg’s Traffic & Public Transport Authority action plan on För liv och rörelse.

For more information contact:
Malin Mansson, Cycle Strategist, Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration,+46 (0)31 368 26 07.

Communications contact:
Alexandra Wattwil, Press Officer, Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration, +46 (0)31 368 23 09 or +46 703 70 72 09.

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