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Parking Company Offers More Cycle Parking

Parking company offers more cycle parking

Now Parkeringsbolaget (the company which coordinates all public parking in Gothenburg) has opened its biggest cycle garage – 60 spaces in Vågmästaregatans indoor car park!


By 2035 Gothenburg will have nearly 150,000 new residents. There will be more and better roads, tunnels, residential and business premises, and completely new neighbourhoods – like Skeppsbron och Frihamnen – will emerge. Many of the projects will be carried out at the same time. This means that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the city to accommodate the same number of cars as today. Despite this, the city has to remain accessible to us.

Part of the Parkeringsbolaget’s mission is to encourage and promote other means of travel than the private car. Bikes for example.

“It’s fun to be able to contribute to a more sustainable society,” says Tobias Hagman, Construction Manager at Parkeringsbolaget. And if, for example, we want people to cycle instead of taking the car, of course we need to offer them good parking for their bikes.”

Vågmästaregatans cycle park, offering protection from the weather, opened on 15 February this year. Parkeringsbolaget currently has parking for bikes at Viktoriaskolan and another bike park is under construction on Heden.


Renting a parking space for your bike at Vågmästaregatan

  • There are 60 parking spaces, and it is “first come, first served.”
  • Contact Customer Service at to register your interest.
  • It costs 50 SEK per month and is payable in advance.
  • The agreement runs from when you pay your first invoice, which is when you get your key.
  • Spaces are rented by the month, with automatic renewal. The notice period is one calendar month.
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