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Safer Cycle Ways Around Gothenburg

Safer cycle ways around Gothenburg

Now it is even easier to commute between Gothenburg city centre and the suburbs using sustainable transport. Four extensions to cycle and pedestrian ways in Mysterna, Säve, Hovås and Billdal are now complete.   And more developments are in the pipeline for next year.

“When we’re building a sustainable city for the future, an important aspect is being able to cycle for longer stretches outside the city centre. Separate ways for cyclists and pedestrians also improve safety and make people feel more secure, particularly children on their way to and from school,” says Eva Eriksson, Marketing Coordinator, Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration.

All the way from Kungälv to Gothenburg

The process of renovating and building new ways for cyclists and pedestrians outside the city centre has been going on for a long time. In Mysterna, residents now have their own cycle way to Kärra via Ellesbovägen and Gothenburg centre. Next year, Gothenburg Urban Transport is building a new stretch so that Kungälv residents will be able to cycle between their homes and Gothenburg on a path designed solely for cyclists and pedestrians.

Säve now has a completely new section of pedestrian and cycle way along Tuvevägen between Kongahällavägen (Bärby) and Hisingsleden.

Work to widen the existing pedestrian and cycle way along Billdalsvägen between Äsebackevägen and Brottkärrsvägen, is also complete. Pedestrians, including many schoolchildren, now have a separate part of the path, and cyclists have a separate, two-way, cycle way.

Separate lanes all the way from Särö

Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration has finished the widening of Säröbanans pedestrian and cycle way, by Per Hans Väg in Hovås. Previously, there was a stretch of around 150 metres where the way narrowed and pedestrians and cyclists competed for space. Now, pedestrians and cyclists have separate paths, an important safety factor.

” I’m convinced that the new, improved, longer cycle ways will make it easier for commuters. People who previously wanted to cycle to work but couldn’t because of inadequate cycle ways, will start,” says Eva Eriksson.

Longer, improved pedestrian and cycle ways

  • Extension to Ellesbovägen, section between Stora Mysternavägen and Kärra.
  • New section between Tuvevägen and Kongahällavägen and Hisingsleden.
  • Extension to Säröbanans pedestrian and cycle way by Per Hans Väg in Hovås.
  • Extension to Billdalsvägen, the secton between Äsebackevägen and Brottkärrsvägen.
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