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Styr & Ställ Bikes Are Back Again!

Styr & Ställ bikes are back again!

It is spring and Styr & Ställ bike hire is back! The bikes are as welcome as the first spring flowers – but take it easy! Wintery weather may yet return and it will be a while before all the gravel has been removed from cycle ways.

Styr & Ställ bike hire is popular with Gothenburg residents. The number of cycle trips is increasing faster than the number of residents, which means that people who borrow bikes are doing so more frequently.

Styr & Ställ bike hire is open ten months of the year, from 1 March to 31 December. Since it started five years ago, more than one and a half million trips on the city streets have been made on hired bikes. A season card costs 75 SEK per year. It is also possible to charge your Västtrafik travel card with a season’s subscription.

With a hired bike it is easy to combine forms of sustainable travel, taking the bike for one section and perhaps the bus or tram for another.

Signs of spring

Apart from re-opening Styr & Ställ bike hire, another sure sign of spring comes in March. That is when the Urban Transport Administration organises the removal of gravel from cycle tracks, pavements and other surfaces. All gravel and wood chips will be gone by the end of April, although most years we manage to finish the job before this.


New for 2016

  • New cycle station planned at Stenpiren.
  • Approximately 300 new cycle parking places at existing cycle stations around the city.
  • By the end of last year’s cycling season, we had built new stations at Olof Palmes Plats and Svingeln.

Facts: Styr & Ställ bike hire has 67 stations, with 1,000 cycles distributed throughout Gothenburg centre. Styr & Ställ was introduced in Gothenburg in 2010. You can find a complete list of stations on the city at Styr & Ställ’s website ( In the Cykelstaden app (the City for Cyclists app is available for both iPhone and Android) you can get real-time information about bike hire and discover where stations are located.

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