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Weather Protection For Electric Delivery Bikes Tested In Gothenburg

Weather protection for electric delivery bikes tested in Gothenburg

A new electric delivery cycle, ten times more energy-efficient than an electric car, is now being tested in Gothenburg. With its combination of flexibility, comfort and safety, hopes are that it will replace cars for short journeys.

The City of Gothenburg has over 2,000 motor vehicles in its fleet. The new electric delivery bikes will act as a complement to them. The aim is to see whether they can replace even more short car journeys undertaken at work, so contributing to a greener, more attractive city.

When a car trip is replaced by a bike ride noise decreases, air quality improves, there is more space and the risk of serious crashes is reduced.

The delivery bikes, called Armadillos, are part of the Elmob project, which is a collaborative project involving research, large and small companies, and the City of Gothenburg. The aim is to develop, test and demonstrate shared electric transport solutions.

” Being part of the Elmob project means that we will have the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive study – both from the technical and the user perspectives – of weather protection on our Armadillo cycles,” says Johan Erlandsson, Velove Bikes.

Space for passengers or cargo

People who will be test driving the new electric delivery bikes include environmental inspectors, caretakers, employees of housing associations, a bicycle courier company and the city’s own delivery service. Two different models are included in the project: one with space for an adult passenger and the other with one cubic metre of space in the form of a lockable box. Both will offer weather protection to the driver.

” We look forward to testing the bikes in all weather conditions. We will be able to get around as fast, or faster, in this way than by car when we move between properties in our areas. And we will also be contributing to a better environment,” adds Lena Molund-Tunborn from Poseidon.

These electric delivery bikes form part of a pre-production series and have been developed by Gothenburg company Velove, in collaboration with Dutch cycle engineers. The assembly unit is located in Gothenburg.

Photo: Velove.



The Elmob project, short for electrified mobility, is running from 2014 to 2016 and is a joint project involving research, business and the City of Gothenburg. The project is to develop, test and demonstrate electric, shared transport solutions and contribute to making Gothenburg a greener, more attractive and more sustainable city. Elmob is part-financed by Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency) which promotes needs-driven innovation.

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