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About this page

About this page

Effective, safe and sustainable transport and space for people and business in a thriving, forward-looking city – a city on the move.

The City of Gothenburg’s Urban Transport Administration, working under the directives of local politicians, is working to increase sustainable transport in the city. Last year we drew up a new traffic strategy outlining how to put this into practice.

Everything we do has the same aim. Whether we are planning traffic flow, ensuring traffic regulations are followed, spreading information or trying to change attitudes, we are working to make Gothenburg a better city to live in.

We want to offer efficient, safe and sustainable transport and at the same time make space for people and business in a growing, forward-looking city – a city with life and energy. On this page we at the City of Gothenburg’s Urban Transport Administration want to tell you why this is important and how together we can achieve our goals.

The objective is to provide those of us who live and work here with a pleasant city environment. It should be quick and easy to get to and from work and transport solutions should be environmentally-friendly. Traffic safety will naturally remain a priority.

We hope we have inspired you to think about how you travel around our city.


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Or phone the City of Gothenburg’s Contact Centre, +46 (0) 31 365 00 00.

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