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Cable Cars In Gothenburg: Our Early Stages Of Planning

Cable cars in Gothenburg: Our early stages of planning

Strategic choice of measures study is one of the instruments that we at the Urban Transport Administration in Gothenburg use to create greater clarity and transparency in our processes. In brief, a strategic choice of measures study results in a report which describes and documents the choice of a solution to a specific problem or need. This type of study focuses primarily on answering what, why and where questions, while subsequent implementation studies go into issues of how, when and who. This is the first time the Urban Transport Administration has been involved with cable car transportation and technology, and it has been necessary to work with many issues simultaneously both at strategic and more detailed levels.

This report (in Swedish)was approved by the Transport Committee in June 2016, and its points of policy also were approved as a basis for further implementation planning. Please note this English version of this document has been translated from the original Swedish. If any discrepancies are found, it is the Swedish version which applies. No claims can be made on the grounds of incorrect translation from Swedish to English.

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