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Cycling Continues To Win Support

Cycling continues to win support

The popularity of cycling is continuing to grow. During 2014, cycling in the city centre increased by 4 per cent compared to the previous year. Styr&Ställ (Gothenburg bike hire scheme) also showed a sharp increase of no less than 59 per cent over the 2013 figures.

Since it began in 2010, bike hire through the Styr & Ställ scheme has increased annually. The extension of the season by a month (March to December) and a price reduction from 125 SEK to 75 SEK per month may well have contributed to the 2014 increase. In total, the year saw the sale of 28,000 season subscriptions and 668,000 bike journeys.

Clear trend
The overall trend is clear – the number of cycle journeys is rising faster than the number of users, meaning that those using the system are doing so more often. The scheme has been extremely successful. Since the start of the scheme in 2010, our cycles have been hired 1.5 million times.

“We’re continuing to improve conditions for Park and Ride users during 2015. This includes extending existing stations which are currently struggling to keep up with demand. We’re also investing in electric bikes powered by solar energy,” says Eva Ericsson.

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