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New Cycle Pump At Sankt Sigfrids Plan

New cycle pump at Sankt Sigfrids Plan

In 2009 City of Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration unveiled a new type of cycle pump on Vasagatan in Gothenburg. Since then, a further 16 pumps have been installed. The most recent is at Sankt Sigfrids Plan.

Cycle pumps are in great demand – the one on Vasagatan has been used about 437,000 times since it was installed.

There are cycle pumps available all over Gothenburg, at petrol stations and convenience stores. The Urban Transport Administration also works with cycle shops and service centres to ensure that cyclists have free access to pumps and simple tools.

Which pump or service station is best for you? Check out the Urban Transport Administrations’ app, Cykelstaden. The app is available for download on both iPhone and Android.

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