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In Gothenburg today, around a fifth of all journeys are on foot. Most are less than two kilometers. The city wants this figure to increase! An important tool to help us achieve our goals and meet the challenges ahead is our traffic strategy – Gothenburg 2035, Transport strategy for a well-knit city. A city where it is easy to get around is an attractive place to spend time in. It is a venue for cultural and other events, with pleasant places to meet or walk, with a large range of shops, and providing a mixture of workplaces and homes. Taken together, this creates a rich city life. Where there are good transport solutions it is easy to get to work, to parks, hospitals and other important destinations irrespective of who you are or how you travel. In a city with good connections, many of the essentials you need in your daily life are within walking distance.

Gothenburg wants to create an attractive and lively city environment by:
• Giving pedestrians and cyclists priority, and adjusting traffic speeds firstly to the pace of pedestrians..
• Adjusting street environments and traffic speeds firstly to the needs of pedestrians, and secondly to the needs of cyclists, while at the same time creating safe, secure and lively city streets that do not exclude other road users.

You can find our traffic strategy in Swedish here >>

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