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Sustainable transport

Goods transport is an important element of Gothenburg traffic. Trucks need to share the streets with public transport, pedestrians, cycles and cars. To get everything to work smoothly, a well-thought out structure and system of rules is necessary to prevent congestion and minimize damage to the environment. Gothenburg’s role as the logistics centre for the Nordic countries is stressed in several policy documents, among them in the city’s traffic strategy – Gothenburg 2035, Transport Strategy for a well-knit city. The aim is to make Gothenburg a world-leading partner in the provision of efficient and climate-smart goods distribution solutions. Achieving this goal requires three things: ensuring good accessibility with minimal environmental consequences, the support of the regions around Gothenburg, and the encouragement of innovation.Green transport plans are another way that we from the City of Gothenburg can promote the use of sustainable transport solutions in the planning of major building projects in the city. This is done through dialogues with landowners, property owners and with local business people.

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